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We wanted to give you a very warm welcome before you went any further. It’s a great privilege and honor to have you take your valuable time and check out what we do. We are here for you, regardless of the time of day, the day of the week, or any other circumstances, we are 100% committed to helping you.

We look forward to personally speaking with you in regards to your exact needs.

Who We Are

We’re a group of experienced business insiders that provide helpful information, services, and resources to entrepreneurs, CEOs, and startup founders.

The resources we provide cover the full business road map. From transforming ideas to actual concept, to launching products and services, to scaling through marketing and lead generation efforts, we have every area covered in full. We’re the secret weapon that entrepreneurs, CEOs, and startup founders turn to when they need help, and they want to find out what works, fast.

What Market We Serve Best

Our sweet spot is in working with entrepreneurs, CEOs, and startup founders that run mid-size companies i.e. between 50 – 250 employees with an annual revenue between $10 million – $100 million.

Not to say that we won’t work with companies outside the mid-size $10 million – $100 million range in annual revenue, but we’re extremely selective and limit engagements unless it’s an outstanding opportunity for both parties.

Why We Do What We Do

We saw that the demand on entrepreneurs, CEOs, and startup founders was becoming increasingly difficult i.e. rapid online business growth, public relations, marketing, acquisitions, mergers, compliancy law changes, etc., and we wanted to step in and become the hidden resource layer that provides helpful information, services, and resources, to get the job done, fast.

We think of ourselves as the in-between layer that keeps the wheels moving forward for entrepreneurs, CEOs, and startup founders.

Where Do We Do Our Work

In short, we do our work wherever our clients need us to be to have the most impact. We work remotely, in-person, or a combination of both. It’s what works best for the entrepreneur, CEO, or startup founder.

How Much Does it Cost

Monthly subscription rates for entrepreneurs, CEOs, and startup founders that run mid-size companies, start at $2,500 per month, with a 6-month subscription commitment. All plans are customized to meet the exact needs of the entrepreneur, CEO, or startup founder.

We don’t offer any cookie-cutter plans, as those types of one-size fits all programs don’t drive the same amount of impact as our customized subscription plans. Prices typically increase as information, services, and resources outside of the normal scope of work are implemented.

How To Get Started

Everything we do starts with an initial consultation. It just makes sense to do it this way. You’re not going to get a surgery performed without getting an initial consultation, and we’re not going to start providing services to you until you get an initial consultation with us.

That being said, to get an initial consultation on the calendar, send us an email, or give us a call. We believe that you get what you pay for, and that the information, services, and resources we deliver will make an immediate, and everlasting impact.



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