Creating Brand Dominance Through Logo Design

creating brand dominance through logo design

By far, the most popular brands in the world have the most liked and recognizable logo designs. Is this just luck, or is there more of a science behind creating a logo that people know, love, and recognize. Well, I’m here to tell you, there’s absolutely no luck about it, and big brands spend millions …

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Customer Service eBook Volume 1

customer service ebook volume 1

If you’re looking for some nice easy reading on customer service, this eBook for entrepreneurs, CEOs, and startup founders, has you covered. There’s definitely nothing too complex or hard to understand, just solid and proven information that worked yesterday, that will work tomorrow, and will work for years to come. Topics include: – Excellent Customer …

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Be Helpful and Useful to Your Customers

be helpful and useful to your customers

In business, your success is going to depend upon how helpful and useful you are to your customers. Excellent customer service, yields excellent results, so always maintain focus on the people that pay to keep your lights turned on i.e. your customers. If you’re constantly taking from them, and never giving back anything in return, …

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Repairing a Damaged Business Relationship

repairing a damaged business relationship

Mistakes happen in business, it’s inevitable, so you learning how to repair the damage, is vital to your longevity. The faster you realize that something went wrong, and that your client is upset, the faster you can start to repair the damage. Both internal and external communication is key to repairing damaged business relationships. I …

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