5 Reasons to Hire a Data Scientist

Times have changed in business. If you’re like most successful companies, you’ve done an excellent job of gathering data, but know you don’t know what to do with it all. Yes, you can use data to drive email campaigns, and create more personalized experiences, but if you’re doing the same old “blah-blah-blah” with your data, you’re never going to get a competitive edge on your competition.

Hire a data scientist.

The main reason why you want to hire a data scientist, is because they’ll give you a competitive edge vs. your competition. Business is tough today, as the companies that adapt and evolve fastest, are the ones that will always come out on top. You’ve got to spend money to make money, and investing in hiring a data scientist will not disappoint you.

Reason 1: Thinking outside the box.

Data scientists think deeply, they think differently, and they’ll be able to use all the data that you’ve gathered and provide you with some interesting and compelling ways to grow your business.

Reason 2: Analytical thinking.

Sorting through all your data is one thing, but thinking about it from an analytical viewpoint is totally different. Data can trick you if you don’t look at it properly, and a data scientist will tie everything together for you so you can make more educated decisions.

Reason 3: Sales planning.

Once you have the information that your data scientist provides to you, then you can formulate sales strategies. Without data, it’s going to be difficult to predict where to put your sales efforts, and where to allocate funds to get the most results in the least amount of time.

Reason 4: Discover new opportunities.

You probably already have your core legacy customers that have been paying your bills, but a data scientist will show you new opportunities to grow revenues. If you just keep hitting on the same doors, with little tweaks to what you’re already doing, you’re going to outrun your coverage. You need new opportunities.

Reason 5: Improve systems.

Doing things the way you did them when your parents ran the business is not going to work anymore. You need to be way out in from of technology and be willing to take risks based upon the data that you’ve studied. There’s no more throwing spaghetti up against the wall here.

There you have them, five reasons to hire a data scientist right now. As you can see, the data scientist role is going to continue to increase in importance, and now is the time to get onboard and start learning the lingo.

Why outsourcing a data scientist is a good idea.

Hiring a data scientist is not easy, especially if it’s your first time, or you’re just not educated in the data science field, as the words used, and the programs that will be mentioned are not going to be familiar to you. The best option is to outsource a data scientist to a professional company for your first hire, this way you can get a better understanding and see how everything works before you make a larger investment in a full-time employee.

If you’d like a suggestion on which professional outsourcing company is best to use for your initial data scientist hiring needs, just send me a quick note via our contact form and I’ll be sure to immediately follow up with to you.