Belly Time in Business Is Always Best

If you want to excel in sales, you need to get belly time with your prospects and customers. Yes, that means taking the time out of your day to travel to see them so that you can get face-to-face and grow the trust. Relationships come down to trust, and building trust online takes forever, so if you want to take the fast track to deepen the business relationship, take the time to get belly-to-belly.

Big sales transactions.

Yes, I understand you think you know best, and that you’re going to do things differently, and it may work for you for a while, but I’m here to tell you, from years of selling high-level expensive products and services, that big business deals are closed at the belly-to-belly level. Big sales transactions are done in person, not over the phone, or through email, or through any of the other ways you can think of, they’re done in person, face-to-face.

Go big.

I know some sales reps want to skirt around the issue and say you’re too busy to travel, that it’s going to cost too much, or that you’ve done everything over the phone, email, or text, your whole life and that it works great that way, but I’d challenge you by saying, “You’re most likely not selling high-level expensive products and services.” From my experience, selling items in the under 10k range, can easily be handled over phone, email, or text, but what I’m talking about is the over 100K range, the range which moves the revenue gauge up the scale very quickly.

Excel at every level.

If you were hired to do sales via the phone, that’s fine, excel at it, be the best at your company, but understand, somewhere up the ladder, where the monster transactions are happening, someone from your organization is getting belly time. The big transactions are where you want to be if you want to make serious money, so do the best you can on the phone, while practicing being in front of customers at night with your family and friends. The one thing I see happen all the time, is that good sales reps, that can be great sales reps very easily, start practicing being in front of customers, too late, causing them to miss out on big sales opportunities right out of the gate because a more senior sales rep that’s well trained and knows the ins-and-outs and intricacies of how big business transactions work, makes things happen before you even know what hit you. Again, I can tell your firsthand from experience, it doesn’t feel good, and you’ll beat yourself up for years to come because you just flat out were not properly practiced and prepared. Remember this, “The time to practice your skills is before you need them.”

Practice like crazy.

Do yourself a favor, invest in you, by educating yourself on a continual daily basis. Learn what words to use, learn about body language and controlling your voice inflection to drive points home, and start practicing them right now, no matter what level of business you’re at currently. You have to be ready to jump into action when called upon. A simple opening of the door, a nice big smile, a nice walk out of the office, can make all the difference between you making less than 100k a year, to you making more than 300k a year.

It’s the little things.

The little things make all the difference when you have belly time, so you need to know what to do, when to do it, and how to do it, so that everything seems fluid when you’re face-to-face. You definitely don’t want to awkward about things, as this will only impede you and create doubt about your abilities moving forward with the customer. Practice, practice, practice, and when you’re put in a situation where you get some belly time, put everything you’ve learned into use and make it happen.