Business Departments Must Be on the Same Page

For maximum success, business departments must be on the same page. If three departments are onboard, but two others aren’t, it’s never going to work. Well, let me rephrase that, it may work, but the level of success you’re going to have will be below average, and when you’re below average, it’s tough to keep good talent around, which in turn will make your business stumble, while your profits tumble.

Reason for concern.

We know that most anyone can run a business, but the real concern is, are they able to run it being profitable and making the most use of their time. If you’re willing to work for pennies and break your back everyday, that’s up to you, but if you want to be a real difference maker, you need to get your team, and all your departments, to work together. When teams, also known as departments, don’t work together, animosity, distrust, and disarray run rampant, turning an already negative situation, into an even more concerning business longevity circumstance.

Disfunction shows.

Not being on the same page, shows. You may not thing that it does, but your customers will see it, your vendors will see it, and it will be the liquid poison that slowly seeps in and takes over your company culture, ultimately driving your business to the ground. What you need to do in your leadership role, is determine where the distrust and contention is coming from, and then you need to get everyone in the same room and let them know that any type of nonsense in regards to not working as a team, is not going to be tolerated. It’s tough to build a successful profitable business, and to have a few folks try to halt all the hard work that everyone has put in over the years because they have their own personal agendas, is not going to fly, and they need to know that.

Get onboard.

The choice for everyone needs to be, either get onboard, or get out. There’s no messing around here. The good thing is that once people know that leadership is aware, they typically straighten up pretty quickly. What you want to aim for is creating a renewed, rejuvenated, feeling of strong company culture, where people want to come to work because they feel like they’re part of building something really special. Create a refreshed and revitalized corporate culture that gives employees the freedom to collaborate together and make the very most of projects, and you’ll be in the drivers seat to attract top talent for years to come.


By giving teams autonomy to work together, and by giving them the ability to make decisions, for the most part, without having to present it to leadership, makes everyone involved in the project work smarter, harder, and longer, because they take ownership on the success of the plan. When employees take ownership, great things happen. When leadership takes ownership, and the employees are left in the dark not understanding why in the world a change is occurring, it’s tough for them to buy into the project, and when that happens, the disfunction, distrust, and non-caring attitude starts.

Believe me when I say this, “Give your employees, and the teams they work on, the chance to shine, and they will,” without a doubt. Always remember, for maximum success, business departments must be on the same page.