The Value in Honeycomb Communication

the value in honeycomb communication

Communication is one of the core components to a businesses success. More specifically, honeycomb communication, which means, the line of communication can start from anyone, at anytime. There’s no chain of command with internal honeycomb communication, the idea is to get the initial communication started, and then have the proper people, jump in, offer their …

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Making a Difference Through Corporate Social Entrepreneurship

making a difference through corporate social entrepreneurship

One great way to be a difference maker at your company, is by being the person that gets a corporate social entrepreneurship program initiated. If you don’t know what corporate social entrepreneurship means, here’s my definition, “Corporate social entrepreneurship is when a person within a company, initiates a program that will provide social good, to …

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Leadership Development eBook Volume 2

If you’re looking for some nice easy reading on leadership development, this eBook for entrepreneurs, CEOs, and startup founders, has you covered. There’s definitely nothing too complex or hard to understand, just solid and proven information that worked yesterday, that will work tomorrow, and will work for years to come. Topics include: – High Overhead …

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Powerful Productivity Tips to Help Drive Your Business

powerful productivity tips to help drive your business

If there’s one aspect that separates seasoned successful business executives vs. rookie business executives, it’s knowing what works in terms of being a powerful productivity machine. Seasoned business executives know that there’s only so much time in the day, and that if they don’t use their resources to the maximum, they’re going to be dead …

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