Cleaning Email Subscribers for Maximum Engagement

Your email list is one of the most powerful communication tools that you have. That’s the exact reason why you always want to be cleaning your email subscribers. Focus on sharpening and narrowing down your email list on a continual basis so that the majority of subscribers are actually participating with what you send out.

Quality over quantity

It makes no sense to have 5,000 email subscribers on your list, and when you send out an email, only 10 people engage with what you’ve sent. If your email subscribers are not participating in the content that you send out, it may be time to perform a good cleaning on your list. Below are a few examples of ways that you can clean your email subscriber list.

Ask a question.

Send out an email directly asking them to engage or provide feedback. Example: “What’s one thing you’d like to do better in regards to your social media efforts?”

Ask if they’re still interested.

Send out an email directly asking them if they still want to receive information from you. Example: “It’s spring time and we’re updating our email subscriber list. If you still find our information helpful, great, but if you’re not seeing the value anymore, please unsubscribe by clicking here.”

Remove them yourself.

Send out an email directly stating that if they do not engage and participate in future emails that you send them, they’re going to be removed from your list. Example: “We’ve sent out several emails and you haven’t participated in any of the conversations. If you’re not interested in participating, please click here to opt-out. If we do not receive a response or see you participating in future emails, we will remove you automatically ourselves.”

Be smart.

You pay to have people on your email list. Inactive email subscribers are costing you money and they’re doing absolutely nothing for you. Don’t be fooled by an inflated email subscriber list, focus on what really counts, which is the engagement you get on the emails you send out.