Cool Your Jets When Talking to Prospective Clients

When selling your product or service, cool your jets when talking to prospective clients. Don’t spew out so much information, so fast, that the person you’re talking to feels like they’re getting sold. No one likes to feel like they’re getting sold, and if you do business this way i.e. high-pressure, frantic, or “Do this now to get the discount,” you’re not going to be successful for long.

It’s not kindergarten.

This is kindergarten type sales, and it doesn’t work when selling high-priced products and services. Yes, you may get the odd one or two people that buy what you’re selling, but what I’m talking about is providing real long-term value to your clients.

I’ve listed some steps and actions to follow when talking to prospective clients below, that will help position you for sales success, while making you stand out from the crowd.

Be the helpful resource.

Your job as a sales rep is to guide the person down a path, sharing helpful, useful, and timely information to them along the way, which ultimately leads them to making the purchasing decision for themselves. This is the most powerful type of sales you can do. Guide the person so that the lightbulb goes off in their head, and they say to themselves, “This is a no-brainer. I’d love to do this.”

Blurting out how great you are, or how great your company is, while bashing the competition, is not the way to go.

Sales reps that do this immediately turn off the people they’re speaking with. There’s nothing wrong with mentioning your competition and sharing some differences between your product or solution, and their product or solution, but there’s never any reason to get engaged in uncalled for bashing. “If you bash, you will crash,” it’s that simple.

Be relaxed when you’re selling.

I know it’s not easy to cool the jets when you get excited, but you need to learn to lay low, ask a lot of great questions, and then sit back and listen. The better listener you become, the more successful you’ll be in sales. Have you ever met someone and you’ve said only a few words to them and they told their friends that the two of you had the best conversation ever? Bingo! You do this, and you’ve won the sales race, as well as a new relationship. The funny thing is that you may walk away from the conversation saying, “That was so boring, they talked the whole time,” but remember, sales is about the other person, so just relax, enjoy the moment, smile wide, and pay attention to them like they were the last person you were ever going to speak with.

Remove the pressure.

You don’t want to start pounding them with phone calls or emails too soon. Have a methodology to your madness. If you didn’t get the immediate sale, simply send a quick thank you follow up email to the person, sharing how much you enjoyed learning about what they do, and that you look forward to speaking with them again soon. Then a few days later, circle back with some helpful information that’s related to your product or service and how it’s directly going to benefit them.

Sales is a balancing act, don’t act or follow up enough, and you’ll show up to find another vendor supporting them, while if you push too hard, they’ll get turned off and you’ll end up showing up to another vendor supporting them. Just like in your life, implement balance for best results.

Look at it like this, you don’t want to act like you just got shot out of a rocket when you first talk to prospective clients.

Settle down, remember back to when you started dating and you got a little bit more experienced than you were when you were fifteen years old, this is how you need to act. Cool, but in control.

Relate sales experiences.

One thing I do all the time is look to relate my personal experiences to sales experiences because I’ve found that they’re really intertwined. Treat prospects and clients like you’d like to be treated yourself, and you’ll without a doubt have outstanding results. Always remember to laugh and have a good time when selling, and don’t take things too seriously. There’s always a solution, no matter what the circumstance or condition, the challenge for you as the sales rep is to find it and present as fast as possible. Remember, you’re running the show, so make it the best ever.