Creating a Work Environment that Attracts Top Talent

The days of building huge fabulous and amazing offices so that top talent can spend 2-hours commuting there everyday is long gone. Top talent wants to spend time working, not sitting in a car or train for hours on end listening to every audiobook ever published. Here’s the bottom line, if you want to hire top talent, and you want them to actually stick around, you need to change the way you run your entire work environment.

Create a winning environment.

Investing in top talent is what’s going to keep your company going for years to come, so it’s absolutely vital that you create a work environment that suits them best. So here are a few of my go-to tips for creating a work environment that attracts top talent.

Be flexible with work hours.

Top talent doesn’t want to be tied to an office, or stuck in boring meetings that they really have no business being in. They want to work from wherever they are in the world, whenever they want to. Does it really matter if your top programmer is working from Thailand while away on vacation with his wife? No, of course it doesn’t. What matters the most is that your getting the most return on investment, for every project you need to complete. You need to come to grips with letting top talent work, whenever, and wherever they work best, and just let them run with it, or they’re never going to stick around.

Invest in technology.

Top talent wants 24/7 access to everything that anyone in the actual office has. There’s absolutely no reason for an employee not to have access to everything they need, regardless of where they are in the world, or what device they’re on. Technology is the key to keeping top employees connected so that they can work when they want to work. Using some old clunky outdated email system that makes you carry around a 10lb. laptop wherever you go, is just flat out crazy. Not having online access to data, whether it be on a desktop, laptop, or mobile device, is even crazier. Everything we do in business is based around data, and top talent knows that by using data properly, it’s gives them a competitive edge, so give them what they want, by investing in technology.

Provide private workspaces for when they do show up.

Top talent employees like to work. They don’t like to mess around, chat about, and hang out by the coffee machine all day. When they work, they work smart and hard, and by you setting up a few private workspaces for when they do show up, you’ll be letting them know that you appreciate what they do, and that you’re rewarding them for their hard work. You definitely don’t want to have your top talent talking openly on the floor about the new product or service you’re launching before it’s public information, so be sure to give them all the privacy they need, so that they can work in confidentiality.

Join a collaborative workspace.

There are tons of places around the world that offer collaborative workspaces, so be sure to join one of them so that your top talent has a place to easily go if they need to host a professional conference call, or entertain prospects or clients. Most of the time, the collaborative workspace will not be used, but it’s always good to have a place for top talent to check into, whenever they want to. Plus, you never know when you may want to pay them a quick visit, so their collaborative workspace, will be your collaborative workspace, whenever you’re in the vicinity.

The idea behind investing all these freedoms into your top talent, is so that you keep them, but you also want to keep them on a short leash as well. It’s a two way street here, you’re giving them the freedom, but they’re going to need to deliver, and big time. You’re not looking to hire undisciplined top talent that’s just looking to take advantage of a unique opportunity. You’re looking for top talent that is willing to bust their hump, and get paid well to do so, while having the freedom to work from wherever they are, whenever they want. Yes, adjustments will need to be made along the way, but if you commit to changing your work environment, by letting your top talent do what they do best, you’ll definitely reap the rewards for years to come.