Creating Brand Dominance Through Logo Design

By far, the most popular brands in the world have the most liked and recognizable logo designs. Is this just luck, or is there more of a science behind creating a logo that people know, love, and recognize. Well, I’m here to tell you, there’s absolutely no luck about it, and big brands spend millions of dollars creating, branding, and even updating and rebranding their logo designs to match the times. Just to give you an idea, BP spent over 200m creating and rebranding themselves with their updated, “Helios,” flower logo back in 2000. Now that’s a lot of money.

Brand names like Apple, Amazon, Pinterest, Netflix, Android, Google, Samsung, KitchenAid, Spotify, and Nike, absolutely dominate their market segments, and not coincidentally, all have some of the most easily recognizable logos that drive sales and engagement 10x compared to their competitors. It goes to show, that a great product or service, matched with a great logo, will absolutely drive growth. A well-designed logo is even more important now, even more so than in the past, due to the opportunity to share a message or image on social media, and have it reshared, liked, or retweeted, hundreds, or even thousands of times, in mere minutes.

Dayo Abiola, Chief Design Officer at one of the premier logo makers for entrepreneurs and organizations that need a symbol to represent their success, shares these insightful thoughts.

“A logo is a vital corporate identity asset used for the special purpose of identifying a business or product and for supporting all attempts at keeping the presence of the business or product dominant in the publics mind. Without a logo, no business or product can wield dominance in the marketplace. Matter of fact, it needs the logo to achieve it. It’s the logo that simply presents to us all, the validity of the efforts behind the business or product.”

“The presence of every global brand that you know and the ability for such brand or its product to persuade your premium pay or command your loyalty, conjure your respect or even in some cases sensualize your love for the brand, is enacted primarily by the logo.”

“What makes a logo a big deal is essentially the fact that it is the only corporate asset that can do what it does. No founder can, no staff can and no other asset can. And it works 24/7, 365 days a year, never takes a holiday, and goes anywhere, even the most remote of places to do and enact what only it can do. It is the easiest to go on TV, to go in newspapers, and indeed the smartest fastest way to feature a business’s presence. This it does by becoming the unique identification of a business or product and supports all attempts at keeping the presence and relevance of the business or product dominant in the public’s mind.”

It truly doesn’t get much more powerful than this in terms of marketing, advertising, and branding to consumers. Not to say that your brand isn’t going to be able to make it big without a scientifically designed logo, but the road to success may be longer and harder than a brand that has invested the proper amount of time in creating a logo design that resonates with their consumer market segment.

Logo design and brand alignment are so powerful, that it makes people not double-think about the price they’re about to pay for an item. For women, it may be a Louis Vuitton handbag, and for men, it may be the next Kevin Durant basketball shoe by Nike, the cost doesn’t matter to them, what does matter is the status symbol that the logo is going to give off to everyone that sees it. This is one of the most powerful forms of social persuasion available, and that’s the exact reason why top brands stay at the top.

So, to wrap things up here, “Does the logo make the brand, or does the brand make the logo?” I personally think it’s a combination of the two. Yes, you may get lucky and strike gold by not working with a logo design specialist, but if you’re serious about aligning your brand with a specific market segment that’s going to pay you dividends for years to come, I’d definitely recommend working with a person, and or company, such as Dayo Abiola, that specializes in logo design. They’ll guide you in the right direction, and create a compelling symbol that symbolizes everything your brand stands for.