Focus on Building and Maintaining Positive Client Interactions

There’s no downtime when it comes to maintaining positive client interactions. Keeping a smile on your face no matter what’s going on behind the scenes is essential. Clients don’t want to see you sweat, they want to see you look good, and they want to see that you’re paying attention to them. Clients are checking you out, so you need to be on your game at all times.

Client interactions need to be positive.

With that all being said, you may be wondering how in the world to actually keep every client interaction positive, but don’t worry, I have you covered. Here are my go-to tips for building and maintaining positive client interactions. Like I always say, once you read this information, do something with it.

Keep things in check.

One small outburst and you may ruin a relationship you’ve been looking to build for years. You need to keep it all in check, and hold back your emotions from exploding when something doesn’t go your way. After you build your relationship, and you get to know your clients a little better, then you can start to share some more intimate feelings, but you don’t want to share something with someone that feels totally different about a topic or subject than you do. Making a joke about something that your client finds insulting, is a quick way to never do business with them again.

Invest time into learning more.

I’m not talking about not being sincere with your clients about who you truly are, and the way that you feel, but in the introduction and, “Learning more,” phase about each other, you definitely don’t want to be too straightforward and abrasive. Topics to avoid are, politics and religion. Just steer clear of them all together. If your client is talking about them, don’t comment, and just transition into another conversation as fast as you can.

Watch what you send.

With technology today, there are so many different ways to interact with clients i.e. email, text, social media, instant chat, etc., and you need to be savvy on each one of them. The difference between the old school way of picking up the phone and speaking with someone, is that most of the time information is shared via electronic methods, which makes it a little tough to erase after it’s sent. That’s why it’s so important that you really understand the meaning of what you’re sending. If it may be insulting to anyone, don’t send it. What you send has a very good chance of getting resent to someone else, so always keep that in mind. Negative messages can spread like wildfire, so always keep what you’re sending positive and enriching, that way you’ll never have to worry if it’s resent and reshaped.

Come through when it counts most.

You are the forefront of your organization. Focus on building and maintaining client interactions that help get business done, and that help build trust in the relationship, and you’ll not only keep that business, but you’ll get a ton of referrals as well. Great businesses are built off great relationships because at some point the client is going to need to count on you to come through for them in the clutch. These clutch moments are the opportunities where you can really shine. People want to do business with people they can trust. If they’re putting their neck on the line, they want you to put your neck on the line as well.

Make it special.

Everyone in your organization needs to focus on making every client interaction special, no matter how big or small, the very best experience needs to be provided. From greeting a visitor at the door with a big smile and offering a complimentary coffee or water, to holding the door on the way out, everything matters. Overlook the little parts, and the client may well just overlook you. It’s the little bits that matter the most to people, so focus on the little experiences, and you’ll ultimately be given the opportunity to focus on the larger experiences in the future. It has to be a team effort though. It doesn’t work if only a few people are onboard.

Get into action.

There you have them, my go-to tips for building and maintaining positive client interactions. It’s time for you to take action and implement them into your daily routine. The time to change is now. The time to create amazing and compelling positive client interactions is now. Do not wait any longer. Put these into action today.