Focus on the Email Subscribers That Engage

Having a massive email subscriber list is great, but if people aren’t engaging with what you send out, it’s not serving you any purpose. You’re better off spending time focusing on the ten percent that are actually opening your emails, and furthering your relationship with them i.e. finding out more personalized about them, and learning how your service can help them solve their short-term and long-term objectives.

Focusing on the ten percent will enable new opportunities to blossom.
When you take care of what you have, and the people that are important to your business, great things happen. Focus on providing the ultimate client experience whenever possible. Form real relationships, understand each other, and sincerely care about each others well being for best relationship results.

You get the drift, these are the type of clients I like to deal with, no one can offer a highly personalized service for a hundred thousand people, and if you can, you’re hired, and let me know how you do it. The old philosophy of it being difficult to, “mix quantity with quality,” really does hold true. If your goal is just to get a bunch of random email addresses, then go ahead, but your real power is going to come from actually bonding true long-term personal and business relationships. This is the area where you’re going to make the most money, in the least amount of time.

It’s easy in the beginning to think, numbers, numbers, numbers, but I’d rather sell ten cupcakes to one person, instead of ten cupcakes to ten people, that just makes more sense to me.

Be smart about it.
Go through your email list, sort the people that interact with your emails, sort the people that don’t do anything with them, separate your email list into categories, and then focus on the ones that are interacting with you. Dump the ones that don’t do anything, and start fresh. It may be tough at first, but it will be much more rewarding later. This will allow you to focus on what really matters i.e. the great clients that you already have in front of you. Provide the best service they’ve ever had, make their experience so great that they tell there friends, and you’ll see success like never before.

Respect people and their email addresses. Don’t just send out junk, and whatever you do, build your email subscriber list up naturally. It may grow slow, but it will continue to pay dividends for you for years to come.