Get Out of the Starting Gate

If you want to finish, you need to actually start. This really isn’t that hard to digest when you think about it. If you’re running a road race, you’re never going to finish the race, unless you actually start the race. The same simple theory holds true in business.

Take action.

If you never start calling on new clients, you’re most likely not going to get any new clients. There are so many inspirational stories out there of people that just started doing something, found a true love for it, and made a huge impact on the world.

Start, and at least you’ll have a shot to finish.

The key is that they started. Yes, I’m sure some of them initially set out to do what they ultimately achieved, but in most instances, the larger percentage started something without any real end goal in sight, got a little momentum behind them, said to themselves, “Hey, this is something that can really make a big impact,” put some strategic planning behind what they were doing, set out to expand what they’re doing, and never looked back.

Don’t get me wrong, starting is tough sometimes.

As humans, most of us want perfection, and that leads to paralysis by analysis, which in turn leads to you never getting started. You need to dump the idea of waiting for perfection before you start something, and just jump in and get started. For example, I wanted to find a way to give back to my local small business community because they had given so much to me. So what I did was, search for ways to give back locally. Now, you may say, “This is nothing,” but in reality, this was the start.

You see, I started by doing the research, and had I not initially started by doing the research, I’d never have found what I’ve found. I ended up finding a great organization called SCORE. What SCORE does is provide free mentoring to local small businesses. Bingo, this was perfect for me, so I took the next step, reached out to them, signed up, got engaged, got active, and started to participate. The moral to the story is that it all started by me actually starting.

So let me just go on a little tangent here.

I talk to so many people, and businesses, that truly have phenomenal ideas, but they seem to never bring them to fruition because of fear of failure. If there’s one thing that holds more people back than anything else, it’s fear. I’m here to tell you, “Dump the fear,” and embrace the challenge instead. Look at every day as a challenge for you to start the day fresh and get engaged in activities that are moving you closer to the goals that you want to achieve.

The people that win in business are the ones that get active, get engaged, and participate in not only their own success, but in helping other people be successful as well. I challenge you to challenge yourself to make a difference. I assure you that you’ll be happier once you do.