Invest in Yourself for Best Results

If there’s one differentiator between the top 2% of performers vs. the other 98% of the crowd, it’s the time they invest in themselves. Yes, you may see these top 2% out golfing, or having fun at their beach house, but I assure you, without a doubt, that every single one of them invest a lot of time into their success. What you need to understand about success, is that it’s just not something that you wake up to and all the sudden you’re rich and never working again. It’s almost exactly opposite in fact. 

People that are successful in business have busted their hump, typically for an extended period of their life, have dealt with multiple failures, and have wanted to give up on more than one occasion. So, if this sounds like a journey that you’d like to pursue, and you think you have what it takes to see your business idea all the way through to the end, it’s time you invest in yourself, by following the tips I’ve shared below.

In this first section, I share ways to invest in yourself personally, and in the lower section, I share how you can invest in yourself from a business standpoint.

Meditate for 3-minutes when you first wake up.

This will clear your mind and set your day up for success right out of the gate.

Eat a healthy breakfast.

Use food to fuel you through the day and to keep you awake and feeling good. Yes, what you put into your body does make a big difference. 

Stay up to date on world events.

Scan the world news feed and browse the headlines so that you know what’s going on in the world. Sticking your head in the sand like an ostrich is not a good idea. If there’s a topic that resonates with you and is related to the business market that you serve, take a few minutes to read the article and learn more.

Keep clean.

Looking good helps you feel good. Keep your personal hygiene up, and keep your work area tidy and neat.

Have a plan.

Without a plan, it’s going to be tough to stay on track and accomplish everything that you need to. Take a few minutes the evening before, to plan the activities that you need to get done the following day.

Take time to exercise.

You don’t need to look like Arnold Schwarzenegger, but you do need to get outside, walk around, get your heart rate going, and get the endorphins firing in your body. A little bit of fresh air does the mind and body wonders.

Read or listen to audiobooks.

By far, the best way to continue to learn is by listening to audiobooks, or actually reading books, whenever you have a free moment. Downtime when traveling is a great time get caught up.

Keep a diary.

Writing your thoughts down at the end of every day, helps you learn more about yourself, and what’s really important to you. If you know what you like, and you continue to put yourself in situations where you find enjoyment, you’ll feel more fulfilled when your head hits the pillow at night.

Get rest at night.

I know you may want to be a vampire and stay up all night drinking coffee and energy drinks, but this will burn you out, make you grouchy, and other people that you deal with will wonder what’s going on with you.

Value your time.

The most important thing you have, is you. Value every minute of your day, and surround yourself with helpful and useful people that have mindsets and morals that are similar to yours.

Now that you know several different ways that you can invest in yourself, let’s jump into different ways that you can invest in yourself from a business standpoint.

Check your email at certain times.

The world isn’t going to stop if you don’t respond to an email in 10-minutes. Set aside some time each day to check emails, and respond as needed. The same goes for text messaging. 

Break up tasks into smaller segments.

Looking at the whole picture may be daunting, but if you break a project up into smaller tasks, everything becomes a lot easier.

Keep email short.

People don’t have time to read a novel. Just use a great subject line, keep the body context short, and let the person know if they need to take action.

Focus on the finish.

Always be looking forward to the finish line, understanding what steps you need to accomplish on a daily basis to get to where you want to go.

Talk to people.

Take time to pick up the phone, or walk up to someone, and actually have a conversation with them. It’s easy to go through the entire day emailing and texting, but it’s not healthy to not have any type of real connection on a daily basis.

That’s all of the tips you need to invest in yourself personally, as well as from a business standpoint. Well, not really, but it’s enough for you to chew on for a while. Remember, just because you see someone driving around in a fancy car, don’t think they were born like that. What they were born with is an amazing ability to be creative and resilient, and they’ve used it to grow a business where they can make some serious money. Don’t worry about a failure, don’t worry about what people say, just keep your head up and keep on trucking.