Keep Presentation Decks Dead Simple

In my experience, it’s best to keep presentation decks dead simple. Stuffing a bunch of nonsense on a ton of different slides, is not the way to go. You’re better off just putting a single word, or a couple of words, on each slide, rather than stuffing full sentences with bullet points. The simpler the presentation deck, the better. The slides aren’t going to make the presentation.

Share your passion.

It’s how you present the information, using voice inflection and body language (when in person) that’s going to keep people engaged and on the edge of their seat. So to help you out, I’ve shared some of the ways that I keep my presentation decks dead simple.

Introduce your team as well as yourself.

State who you are, if you have any team members with you, and who the shakers and movers at your company are that the audience needs to know.

State what problem you’re solving.

Be direct. Don’t beat around the bush. Make it so easy to understand. If it takes you longer than a minute to explain what problem you’re solving, go back to the drawing board.

Share the advantages of using your solution.

State the compelling reason why a person, group, or company, needs to take immediate action.

Explain the technology behind your solution.

Share what technology is used to make your solution proprietary or unique. If a company can invest a few dollars and a little bit of time to build what you have, and do it at a much lower cost, then you’re in trouble.

Talk about the competition.

Educate your audience on what other solutions are out there. Be the authoritative resource that they can rely on to get unbiased information on the entire market segment that you’re selling into.

Share your business model.

There’s no reason to hide anything here. The more transparent you are, the faster you’re going to gain trust. Just share how you’re setup, why you charge what you do, and how you’re invested in making your solution better as time goes on.

Provide guidance to get started.

Include your contact information, or a URL where they can get started with the onboarding process.

Next steps.

Now that you know better, go out and do better, by keeping your presentation decks dead simple to understand. Remember, “The simpler the presentation deck, the better.” Believe me, your audience will love you. No one likes to be bored to death by a lame presentation.