Leadership Skills to Boost Your Career Fast

Besides your health and your family, your career is most likely the next most important thing you aspire to be successful at, but it’s not always easy. If you don’t know what to do, how to do it, or when to do it, you may feel like your lost in the woods, but with a little bit know-how, it doesn’t have to be that way.

Boost your career.

Maybe you don’t have the education that a co-worker has, or maybe you were hired at a lower role within the company to start, it really doesn’t matter when it all comes down to it. What matters most is what you do to boost your career once you’re at your company of choice. There are tons of success stories of men and women that started working in entry-level positions, and climbed to the top relatively quickly, and you can do the same.

My suggestion is that you embrace the leadership skills that I share below, because if you do, you’ll boost your career fast and blow away everyone else in your office, I assure you without a doubt. The one thing you need to understand before you read any further is that you really do determine you’re own success. Don’t listen to anyone that tells you different. So to help you out, here are my tried-and-true leadership skills that will help you boost your career fast.

Be a creative thinker.

If you think like everyone else, how are you really going to offer anything different – the answer is, you’re not. I’m not a big fan of the, “Think outside the box,” saying, but I am a big fan of, “Thinking in the box, as well as outside of the box,” and bringing new creative ideas to the table. Most of the time, the best idea is sitting right there in front of me, and it’s so simple, but I miss it because I’m always looking for this great big compelling idea to come to me instead. You don’t need to be the next person that solves the worlds toughest physics problem, you just need to be the next person within your company that comes up with a creative idea to drive more sales of your companies products or services. The smaller steps you take, and the simpler they are to follow, the more success you’ll have.

Be a great learner.

You can never know too much. Don’t fool yourself into thinking that you, “Know it all,” because you don’t. The most successful people are voracious learners. They love to consume content via any method possible. If they’re driving in the car, they’re listening to an audiobook, if they have a few minutes before a flight, they’re catching up on a podcast, and if they have a few minutes before a meeting, they’re reviewing any type of documentation that may give them a competitive advantage vs. their competition. Knowledge will help you get ahead, so take full advantage of every learning opportunity.

Be timely.

There’s no excuse for being late. Yes, I get the snowstorm, the flat tire, the car accident, and such, but what I’m talking about is just flat out being disrespectful and not showing up to appointments or commitments on time because you just didn’t leave yourself enough time to get to where you needed to be. If you consistently don’t show up on time, it’s not going to be good for your career. People won’t trust in you and they’ll just stop setting up appointments with you. I always say, “5-minutes early is on time.” Be the role model when it comes to being on time.

Be the first to reach your hand out.

We’re all human beings, and when we walk into a room and we don’t know anyone, we naturally feel uncomfortable, so having someone, like yourself, reach a hand out, break the ice, and help them feel comfortable, will pay you dividends in terms of new relationships for years to come. Some of my best relationships have come from a simple smile, and a nice handshake. It’s so simple. If you’re at a conference or event, and you see someone on the outside of your 2 or 3 person conversation circle and they’re just staring out into the abyss looking lost, invite them in, introduce yourself, then introduce them to everyone else you know. You never know who it may be that you’re reaching your hand out to—it may well be your next boss or next best customer.

Be unique.

I think being unique, and just being you, is really one of the toughest things to do, but it’s also one of the most important, so you need to get this one down and learn to just be yourself. The strange thing is that deep down inside, we all want to be unique, but then we’re pounded by our peers to conform to the latest and greatest trends and we lose track of who we really are. It’s ok to be different, and it’s ok if you don’t look the same, or do the same things as everyone else. The most successful people didn’t get to where they are by following the same road that everyone else was taking. They got there by paving their own road, and by being true to themselves by doing what they wanted to do, how and when they wanted to do it.

Be positive.

The better your attitude, the more people you’re going to attract, and the more people you attract, the more introductions to additional new people you’re going to have. You want to be the person that people say, “Oh, you have to meet him. He’s completely amazing,” or “Oh, she is the absolute best person.” Be the positive magnet that pulls people together and gets them talking. I always say, “The better the attitude, the higher altitude,” and man does this definitely hold true. Set yourself up for success by thinking of 5 things you’re grateful for before your feet even hit the floor in the morning. A positive mind can really do some amazing things and help out a ton of different people.

Be responsible for you.

No one is going to knock on your door everyday looking for where you are. You need to be responsible for yourself, and your own career success. So what if you’re parents were rich and you were brought up with a gifted upbringing — if you’re not responsible for you, you’ll ultimately end up losing it all. Take responsibility for your actions, be disciplined, be respectful, and be kind to everyone that you meet. There’s no place for negativity in any aspect of your life. If you want to feel estimable, do estimable things. It all starts with you though, and you not blame-shifting and shirking the responsibility for your actions on someone else. If you messed up, it’s ok, just take responsibility and make it right as fast as possible, and set yourself up so you don’t make the same mistake again.

Be the first to say thank you.

A thank you doesn’t have to be anything extravagant, or crazy, in fact, the simpler, and more sincere, the better. A simple handwritten note is what I find to work best. People just want to feel appreciated, and by you taking the time to share your appreciation, you’ll be helping them feel fulfilled. When you help people feel fulfilled, they naturally enjoy your presence, and will look to engage in future conversations and business with you, which is a very good thing in terms of career growth. It’s important to remember that your, “Thank you,” needs to come from the heart, without you expecting anything in return. Say thank you because you’re appreciative and want them to know that what they did, really helped you out.

There you have them, my tried-and-true leadership skills that will help boost your career fast. Actually, they’ll help you out in your family life as well, so don’t be shy to use them there as well. Like with all the information that I share, it only works if you take action on what you learn. Daily action yields the best results.