Making Unhappy Customers Happy Again

There’s a fine skill in making unhappy customers happy again. It’s not like if you just do nothing, that everything’s automatically going to go away the next day. In fact, by not jumping into immediate action and addressing an unhappy customer, you’re going to severely hinder your chances of making what may have been a simple solution, into a difficult and complex situation instead.

Making customers happy again.

To help you out, below I’ve shared some of my top customer service tips that you can immediately implement in your business. They will without a doubt, make a big impact, but you need to implement them if they’re going to work. “Buying the book, but not reading it, is not going to help you.” Take action on what you learn here for best results.

Immediately engage.

Let the unhappy customer know that you’re going to listen to what’s going on, listen to what’s made them upset, and that you’re going to help them immediately rectify the issue. If the issue for the unhappy customer is being expressed online, take it offline as fast as possible. It just works better this way for everyone. Everyone wants to be heard, and everyone wants to be able to vent their frustrations, so be the excellent listener.

Take ownership of the issue.

Don’t pass unhappy customers around like a hot potato. Take ownership of the issue. Let them know that it’s going to be the both of you, working together, all the way to the finish. Imagine holding an unhappy customers hand, while walking them through a park and continually letting them know that it’s going to be ok, that’s the experience you need to focus on providing to them.

Follow up.

The fortune is in the follow up. The follow up is everything. Follow up, follow through, and leave no stone unturned. Leave no room for error, and make sure every unhappy customer is completely satisfied before you close out the issue. Use a ticketing system if needed. It’s a good idea to follow up and check in a few weeks after the dust has settled as well. This is also a great time to send a nice appreciation or thank you card. Adding a little personalized touch will make all the difference.

Make decisions for yourself.

Go out on a limb and make an executive decision that’s going to immediately make an unhappy customer happy again. No one likes to be on hold all day, so instead, just say, “Yes,” to what they’re asking, and move on. You’re going to win some, and you’re going to lose some in business, but at the end of the day, it’s your customers that keep your lights turned on, so take care of them. There’s a crucial reaction period when someone is upset, and if you react within this time, your success rate will be much higher than if you don’t. Make the decision, commit to it, and just move on.

Knowledge is everything.

Be well trained and understand what in the world you’re talking about. If you don’t know what you’re talking about, don’t fake it. Be polite, and let them know that you don’t know, but you’re going to stay with them and find a person that does now. Stay trained, and stay knowledgable.

Happy again.

That’s all of my go-to tips for making unhappy customers happy again. I always say this, “Excellent customer service takes good companies, and makes them great,” so if you want to be great, commit to providing the most amazing, “Customer service experiences.” Laugh with your customers, share your experiences with your customers, and always look to find that common ground. Always remember to stay way out in front of issues, immediately jump on them when they do come up, and never lose focus on keeping your customers happy.