Maximizing Your Brands Messaging

There’s no one size fits all way to get your brands message out in front of a vast social media audience. What I recommend is to just start testing out the different social media channels with your content, so that you can get a better idea of what channel you’re getting the most engagement on. Just because one brand has a ton of success on one social media channel, doesn’t guarantee that you’re going to have the same success.

To get started, all you need to do is make a plan to the best of your ability, commit to yourself that your going to follow through with your plan, and just get after it. I do know one thing for sure, if you do nothing, nothing is going to happen. Don’t worry, it’ not going to be perfect, no matter how well you plan, so just start, and you’ll learn quickly along the way. The idea with testing the different social media channels is to find out which one works best for you, so that you can then focus your time and efforts in the right area. Look at your social media plan the same way oil companies drill for oil. They do small tests to see where the oil is, and once they find it, then they make the big investment in getting it out of the ground in that particular area. You’re going to do the same with your social media channels.

Take the ‘learn as you go’ strategy in the beginning, because there’s no official social media guide book that’s going to give you the magic silver bullet. The social networks change so rapidly that by the time you get done planning, you need to change everything again. This is why I always recommend to just start and test the waters by putting your foot in first. Thankfully, there are a few core building blocks to social media marketing that you can adhere to, but like I mentioned previously, it’s all going to come down to testing to see what actually works best for you. Here are a few them.

Always be consistent with you posting schedule.
People are creatures of habit. They’re used to seeing things at certain times. Do yourself a favor, get a daily, weekly, or monthly schedule, and stick to it. You’ll be helping everyone out by doing so.

Always cross-promote your content.
Use every angle you have to get your message out in front of your audience. You can send out an email newsletter, if you’re speaking at a convention, mention your social media channels, if you’re on one social media channel, mention another social media channel you’re on, and the list goes on and on. What I’m saying, is get creative.

Always look to provide helpful, useful, and relevant information.
By far, this has to be at the top. Make sure the information you share is helpful to your audience, not just you personally. I know you have the new car you want to show off, but you’re audience really doesn’t care, they want to know how your product or service is going to help them save time or make more money.

Always stay engaged and respond to any questions.
Social media marketing isn’t about posting and running, it’s about getting involved in conversation in real time. Make the effort, and great result will follow. Like with any ‘learn as you go’ strategy, you need to commit to yourself to stay consistent and not give up too quickly. Depending on the size of your company, you may want to hire outside help to do everything for you, but as I always recommend, people are attracted to people, so make sure everything that’s getting shared out has that down to earth, unique, personalized one-to-one touch. Yes, that means you may need to write a few articles, or jump behind the camera and share what makes your product or service unique.

Always use landing pages with calls-to-action.
If you’re going to invest time and money to push traffic to your website, make it super simple to navigate and have a crystal clear path for people to follow.

Remember, when all is said and done, your brands messaging success is going to come down to you delivering content that resonates with your audience. Posting random information, or reposting the same articles that everyone else in the world is sharing, is not going to create a unique branding message. Focus on your core audience, and what’s important to them, to maximize your results.