Overcoming Negative Business Interactions

In business, there are many different personalities that you’re going to come across. Some you will like because they provide you with positive and enriching interactions, while others you may dislike, as they provide you with all negative and demeaning type behavior. Yes, it’s unfortunate, but not everyone is going to be onboard with the way you think, and the ideas that you present, and subsequently, minor issues may arise.

The great part about dealing with people in business, both in your own office, as well as the customers that you serve, is that with a bit of behind the scenes psychology knowledge on the best way to handle people that are not on the up-and-up with the way you think, you can easily overcome them without them ever even knowing that you’re the one that’s really winning.

So to help you out, below I’ve shared my tips for overcoming any negative business interaction that may arise. Like in all the articles that I write, the information that I share is dead simple to implement and understand, but without you taking action, nothing is going to happen. Read this information, bookmark it, print it, study it, and start using what you’ve learned in your life today.

Tips for de-escalating and overcoming any negative business interactions that may occur.

Avoid situations.

Don’t get sucked into conversations around the other person with other friends. Ignore them when they speak to you. Don’t react. That’s what people are looking for. Walk away.

Be confident in you.

It’s up to you to be the better person. Exude confidence with your body language and stand tall.

Keep your side of the street clean.

Don’t do anything to make the situation worse.

Surround yourself with positive friends.

You are who you hang around. If you hang around negative people that are engaged in bad behavior, stop hanging around them and pick a new group of people that are engaged in positive activities.

Say it’s unacceptable.

If a person does say anything to you, let them know that it’s unacceptable and that what they say isn’t going to affect you.

Recap the day.

Talk to a friend or family member on a daily basis and recap the day. If any negative talk occurred, discuss the situation and what happened, and work out a plan for tomorrow.

Act as if you don’t care.

Just shrug it off and move on. If needed just say, “No! Stop it!” in a loud voice, then walk away and talk to a friend.

Use a positive attitude and behavior to overcome a negative one.

Two negatives, don’t make a positive, but a positive will always overtake a negative, so be the positive person i.e. the better person in every situation.

Don’t show your feelings if they’re hurt.

Just be confident, smile, stand tall, and know that you are in control of your own emotions, and talk to a friend about what’s going on.

One of the most important things to remember when dealing with people in any type of setting, is that it’s always best to be understanding and forgiving. Life is too short to walk around angry at people, and in fact, if you do hold grudges and resentments, it’s going to be tough to put your head down on your pillow at night and rest at ease. Make life great by making the right decisions and by committing to hang around positive people that are enriching your relationships, not hurting them. Control you, and focus on keeping your side of the street clean, and everything else will fall into place exactly as it’s supposed to be.