Service Needs to Be a Sales Extension

For maximum business success, service needs to be a sales extension. Sales reps will fade away, they’ll be relocated, they’ll be directed to support other accounts, and so on, but most likely, it’s the service team that will stay consistent and have the most opportunity to be out in front of clients on a daily, weekly, or monthly, basis. In sales, the company that’s out in front of their prospects and clients the most, typically ends up winning the business, so if you can turn your service team into an extension of your sales team, by providing them with proper guidance and training, you’ll position your business to have continual annual revenue streams for years to come.

The secret sales extension.

Like with all the information that I share, you need to be smart in regards to how you roll it out, and how you implement the strategies. “The power of planting the sales seed,” by the service rep, that there’s a new product or service available, and that there’s a better way of doing things, is way more powerful than having a sales rep hard sell the client.

Support, support, support.

The days of the golden sales rep that just walks in one-time and closes the deal, without following up on their client on a regular basis, and without putting the hard work in behind the scenes i.e. offering continued sales support, ongoing billing resolution, and making sure the account is being serviced properly, are long gone. In today’s busy marketplace, “The sale really comes down to the support,” as people are tired of getting burned, and they want to work with a product or service provider that has their back.

Retaining business.

Again, let me circle back on the main point here, “Service needs to be a sales extension,” because the company that has the most face time and interactions with the client, will by far, have the best chance of retaining the business moving forward. Yes, if you’re in a business relationship over an extended period of time, you may have a very small amount of negative interactions, just like you will in a personal relationship. Misunderstandings happen, staff changes, roles change, and everything else changes, but if you commit to maintaining the utmost of best communication, and you’re always willing to go the extra mile to turn what was a negative situation, into a positive one, you’ll definitely be setting yourself up for long-term business success. As the saying goes, “It’s not what happens to you, but how you react to it that matters,” makes all the difference in the world.

Invest in training.

To wrap things up, here are the takeaways, invest time and money into training your service staff so that they can be a sales extension for you, always support clients with excellent service, always provide excellent communication, and always make negatives into positives, regardless of the circumstances. If you can do these things mentioned above, no competitor will uproot you in an account, and if you continue to maintain your current customer base, while continuing to win net new business, you’ll be on the fast track to success, and that’s the idea of everything that I’m talking about.