Set Sales Intentions Right From the Start

When selling a product or service, don’t beat around the bush, let the person know what you’re there to do, by setting sales intentions right from the start. It’s not rocket science here. It’s not like they don’t know you’re there to sell them something. So this is the important part, please make sure that the product or service that you’re presenting, either solves a problem for the person and/or company, and provides value to them. It just makes it easier for everyone involved.

Drop the games.

Don’t be persuasive during the conversation, just focus on your strengths and talk about how what you’re offering them is going to directly benefit them. I see time and time again, people beating around the bush, not providing value, not providing solutions that solve problems, and it just ends up wasting the time of everyone that’s involved.

You can read all the persuasion books you want, and you can study all the body language books you want, but what really is going to help you, is when you start directly bringing solutions to the table that solve your client’s needs. It’s all about their business, not yours. Here are a few other helpful and simple tips that will help you provide additional value.

Be sincere.

No one likes a liar, so at all costs, don’t do it.

Be genuine.

Who you are is your biggest benefit. It’s what makes you unique. Use it to your advantage.

Be personable.

Associate with who you’re speaking with. If they have kids, and you have kids, share similar experiences.

Be responsive.

When a client has a question, or needs an answer, immediately get back to them.

Always provide value.

On top of these, always remember to leave a buffer so you don’t corner yourself into a budget or timeline that you’re not going to be able to meet. When you set sales intentions right from the start, you have a higher closing success rate, so be wise, do the right thing, and always look to provide value.