The Importance of Hiring a Data Scientist

It wasn’t too long ago that the role of data scientist didn’t even exist, but as business times have changed, the position has become increasingly more important. Those businesses that adapt and evolve, by hiring a data scientist, will stand to hold competitive advantages over their competition. They’ll also hold more profit in the products and services that they sell, because by utilizing the data they’ve gathered, they’ll understand the maximum price that a person is comfortable paying.

A data scientist will guide you.

Not having a data scientist onboard, whether the role be in-house, or outsourced, is like driving your car at night without your headlights on. Yes, you may get to where you want to go, but you may run off the road a few times and take out a few mailboxes before you get to your destination, and that’s never good. In business, there are few times when you can make big mistakes and still survive. Not having an information strategy is insane, and may well just be that one big mistake that’s unrecoverable if you don’t make the investment to work with a data scientist soon.

Three primary business stages.

Below I’ve broken down the evolution of business into three primary stages.

Stage 1: Information gathering

Every business has done an excellent job of this. The initial investments were heavy, and they’ve paid off, but now it’s time to use the information in an effective manner.

Stage 2: Hiring a data scientist

Knowledge is power, and a data scientist will gather up all the information, sort it, filter it, create dashboards, and show leadership teams how to use it to drive more sales.

Stage 3: Implementing AI

Old data is bad data, and big data that’s been gathered, but not used properly, is even worse. AI is driven from data, so if you don’t get your information cleaned up, no future AI project that you launch is going to be successful.

As you can see, all three primary business stages need to work hand-in-hand. If you don’t do stage 1 and 2 properly, you’re never going to be able to implement stage 3 effectively.

Commit to hiring a data scientist.

What it takes from businesses, is a commitment to hire a data scientist to prepare them for the ever so important stage of AI implementation. A business that doesn’t have their data in order, is just going to end up wasting time, money, and resources, on AI projects that are never going to function properly and deliver strong ROI because they’ve just, “painted over moldy walls.” Clean information is what drives strong AI projects, and hiring a data scientist will without a doubt, position any future automation or machine learning projects into overdrive.

If you’d like a suggestion on which professional outsourcing company is best to use for your initial data scientist hiring needs, just send me a quick note via my contact form and I’ll be sure to immediately follow up with to you.