The Road to Resolution Is Your Choice

Listen, there are going to be times when you can either take the soft subtle, “I’m going to work with you,” route, or the hard, “I’m going to fight you until death,” route, but I’m here to say, that the, “fight you until death route may just well be the death of yourself, so don’t bother doing it.

There’s always a better way.

Let me tell you first hand, there’s always a better way, and that way is by taking the soft subtle approach in listening, and committing to work together, as a team, to bring resolution to any and all issues.

Everything comes down to communication.

You never get anywhere with fighting because fighting causes a fundamental breakdown in communication, and when two parties don’t communicate, no proper resolution is ever going to occur. What you need to understand is that it’s ok to be wrong. If you did something in haste, or in error, or just because you flat out messed up and made the incorrect decision, it’s ok. Without a doubt, it’s always better to just come out and admit what went wrong, when it wrong, why it went wrong, and what you’re going to do to fix it now that everyone is aware.

The idea is to make the situation better.

Hiding out by not communicating, and forcing people to cater to your insane, “I’m going to fight you until death,” demands, is not going to help any situation get better. I get it, emotions run high, not only in our personal lives, but in our business lives as well. The thing you need to understand is that accidents and mishaps occur, and when two parties can work through a tough time together, they actually form a stronger bond because they find commonality and can associate with each other, and they know that no matter what, you’re willing to put your selfishness aside and work together as a team.

Commit to achieve resolution.

If you can work like this with your clients, you’re going to be well on the right pace to outsell everyone in your office by far. Better yet, if you can avoid negative situations by being on top of issues before they blow up, and by immediately jumping into action when something does occur, again, you’re going to be the top sales person in your office by far. It’s those that give up and take the easy way out, that are really throwing the towel in and showing their true weakness. Take the high road, the road that positions both parties to come out as winners, by opening yourself up to a communication stream that brings resolution to any and all issues, no matter if you’re right, or wrong, the end goal must always be to work things out.

What to do next.

Once you’ve worked things out, either party always has the option to walk away, but at least at that point you won’t have any resentments, angers, or fears, left over that will only hold you back from doing better in your personal and business affairs. You want to have a clean slate. It just makes life easier. If you don’t believe me, go out and mess things up for a bit, and I assure you without a doubt that you’ll come back and say this article was correct.