The Time to Hire a Data Scientist Is Now

With all the efforts for businesses to collect additional information from prospects and customers over the years, there’s become an ever increasingly larger issue, and that is, what to do with all the data that’s been gathered, and how to best manage it moving forward. Thus, the business role of the data scientist being formed.

Data has become complex.

Years ago, there was no need to have a designated person handle data specifically, as we were just dealing with simple names, addresses, and phone numbers, but know the information we have is so complex that most mid-size and above businesses without a doubt, need to have a data scientist onboard and readily available to sort, filter, and manage all the information.

Why hire a data scientist.

One primary and immediate pressing need to hire a data scientist is that they’ll uncover easy upsell opportunities where a business can rapidly increase revenues in an area that was being overlooked. It’s not ok for a business leadership team just to do make decisions from gut feelings, all decisions need to be made utilizing both data-backed insights, as well as business knowledge that’s been learned from years of experience. Data is no joking matter, and those businesses that piece together all the information they’ve gathered, will far outperform those businesses that don’t. In fact, they may end up putting the businesses that haven’t adapted and evolved, straight out of business.

The time to hire a data scientist is now.

The time to hire a data scientist is right now. There’s flat out no time to waste with this new role. Like I’ve previously mentioned, every mid-size business and above needs to hire a specialist i.e. data scientist to pull everything together and paint a beautiful picture. Having a partner in a law firm, CEO, or CFO, like most businesses have done over the most recent years, is a big mistake. Businesses that have leadership positions taking on dual roles, are putting additional strains on already stressful situations. Most importantly, giving someone in a leadership role ultimate authority over an area that they have absolutely no idea how to manage, is completely insane. One idea that works very well with companies looking to get started with figuring out how to best manage and utilize their data, is to outsource a data scientist, so they can see the value in what the data scientist brings, while helping build a strong ROI for a permanent hire.

Data is gold.

A business is only as good as what they know, and without a data scientist onboard, whether it be in a short-term project staffing role, or a permanent role, the business is easily going to consistently overlook areas of easy sales growth. A data scientist will create simple dashboards for leadership teams to quickly view and decide where their efforts need to be focused moving forward. The more educated a business is, the more agile and faster they can move, allowing them to stay ahead of the competition, while keeping profit in the products and services being sold.

Stop treading water.

The majority of businesses are literally treading water with the data they have at the moment. They’re just in a state of, “I don’t know what to do next,” and that’s not good. Tons of money, and I mean more money than imaginable, has been spent on information gathering efforts by businesses, and now it’s time to transition to stage two, which is hiring a data scientist to sort through all the information, clean everything up, deliver analytics, set retention cycles, and prepare for future AI projects.

If you’d like a suggestion on which professional outsourcing company is best to use for your initial data scientist hiring needs, just send me a quick note via my contact form and I’ll be sure to immediately follow up with to you.