The Value in Honeycomb Communication

Communication is one of the core components to a businesses success. More specifically, honeycomb communication, which means, the line of communication can start from anyone, at anytime. There’s no chain of command with internal honeycomb communication, the idea is to get the initial communication started, and then have the proper people, jump in, offer their suggestions, have open communications, and help out.

Out with the old, in with the new.

Years ago, it used to be that a non-senior employee was supposed to pass the information to a senior level employee or manager, and that person was to bring the communication up the ladder. This old school communication model is broken in the fast paced work environment that we thrive in today, because businesses don’t have time to sit on ideas, and wait for a senior level employee or manager to put together a report on why they see value in doing something.

Every successful business must create balance within the organization, not in-balances.

The old school communication model also let many great ideas fall through the cracks, because if the senior level employee or manager didn’t see a benefit in passing up the information, no one above them ever saw it. With honeycomb communication style, every piece of communication has the opportunity to be seen, by anyone within the organization.

Private is still private.

Obviously, some internal communications, such as items relating to mergers and acquisitions, stocks, investments, and human resources, need to be kept private, and still can be, by creating honeycomb communication silos, which really means, a private honeycomb communication group that allows only a select group of people to view the communication line. Services like make it dead simple for companies to set up honeycomb communication silos. Some companies also choose to set up honeycomb communication silos for each of their internal groups as well, such as operations, sales, customer service, and accounting.

Communication starts with anyone.

One important thing you need to remember with honeycomb communication, is that like I mentioned above, the line of communication needs to be able to start from anyone, at anytime, without a chain of command, so don’t set up so many honeycomb communication silos, that you’re actually defeating the whole purpose and value in honeycomb communication. The only way for the left hand, to know what the right hand, is doing in business, is to have open and transparent honeycomb communication.

It takes commitment.

Yes, honeycomb communication takes a commitment from everyone within a business organization to buy into the open communication style, and it takes the c-suite and senior level employees, to drop their egos for the better good of the company. Open honeycomb communication works without a doubt, and the companies that adopt and implement this type of communication strategy, definitely create a unique advantage over their competition. The thing to remember with internal communication, is that if it stings you when you read it, or hear it, it’s probably something that hits close to home and one that you need to get engaged in conversation around.

Honey communication works.

Employees typically self monitor themselves, so you really don’t have to worry about a rogue employee going crazy because they have an open line of communication to the top within an organization. In fact, sometimes, what was thought to be the worst idea, actually turns out to be the best idea. This is the exact reason why honeycomb communication works, because it gives everyone within an organization, access to everything that’s going on, from anyone, at anytime.

Positive culture creates success.

Things to remember when implementing a honeycomb communication strategy at your business are as follows, give the program time to be adopted, educate employees on the value of their open communication style, and let the employees know that they need not fear actively starting a new conversation. Honeycomb communication will help create a positive work culture, and assist in tying in the ever growing remote workforce.

When employees feel important, and understand that their feedback is vital to the companies growth, productivity level increases, level of happiness increases, and it creates a thriving environment for everyone, and everything, to succeed, on a daily basis.