The Time to Launch Your Product or Service Is Now

Don’t wait so long to launch your product or service that by the time you do, your product or service is obsolete. You have to strike while the iron is still hot. Yes, I get that you want everything to be perfect, but sometimes you just need to launch what you have, so that you can still capture the excitement that’s in the marketplace.

Launch now.

Consumers get crazy over products and services trending on social media, and if you have a product or service in that trending segment and you’re not taking full advantage of immediately launching and then working 24/7 to work out the little kinks, you’re crazy.

Stop waiting for perfection.

No product or service is perfect when it first launches, and in fact, it may never be perfect, so just go with what you have, especially in a trending market, and then see where the business takes you. Put it this way, “If you don’t launch, you’re never going to know whether your product or service delivers what people in your market segment are looking for.” Sometimes you just need to launch and learn. This is not something that I’d recommend for everyone, but if the markets hot, and your product or service falls within that hot market segment, you have to do what you have to do so that you can capture the revenue. Yes, if you’re a huge pharmaceutical company, obviously this type of launch and learn strategy is not going to work, there’s just too many laws and regulations, but if you’re a small to mid-size business, just put the rubber to the road and go for it.

Go with what you have.

I talk to a lot of business owners that have developed products and services, but have never launched them because they either spent way too much money in research and development and ran out of money to finish the project, or they fear that their product or service is not perfect and that people won’t buy it, so they just never do anything with it. Both of these scenarios are bad, not only for the developer, but also for the consumer. When a developed product or service never launches, the entrepreneur or company that developed it, never get to make any money and receive the rewards of all the work they put into building their product or service, and for the consumer, they never get to try out a new product or service that may actually have been the perfect fit for them.

Dump any fears.

You have to put down your fears of failure when launching. Some people will like what you have, while others won’t, just focus on the people that like what you offer, and continue to build your client base as fast as you can in the trending market. People wait their whole life to ride the wave, so when the big trending market wave hits the market segment you’re in, and you have a product or service almost ready to go, don’t hesitate, just jump in and you’ll find a way to make it all work out.

You have to be in it, to win it, so now it’s up to you to go out and make it happen. Put what you’ve learned here into action, and let me know what type of results you get. I know they’ll be good if you follow what I recommend.