Social Media Marketing Daily LinkedIn Posting to Personal Profile

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Join this membership and our team will keep your LinkedIn personal profile filled with helpful, useful, timely, and engaging content. We’ll find the market specific content, and then we’ll post it to your LinkedIn personal profile (1x) per day, (365) days a year. This membership will put your content marketing plan into overdrive and it will help position you as the authoritative resource in your specific market segment.

What your responsibility is going to be is to go in and reply back to the comments, likes, and messages that your content receives. Look at doing this as an opportunity to expand relationships and uncover sales opportunities from new prospects. You get what you put in, and by being responsive to people that engage with your posts, you’ll be creating a competitive advantage for your business, as well as yourself.

This service is private, secure, and your confidentiality is of the utmost of importance. In short, you don’t need to let your employees know that we’re posting content for you. They’ll just see a ton of activity on your account and start to like, comment, and engage with what you share. It works the same way for your prospects and customers as well. If you’re not posting content to LinkedIn on a daily basis, you’re never going to gain any additional organic exposure. Be the benchmark for your company and set the posting standard for your employees to see how it’s done.

Custom add-on services are available i.e. our team handling your comments, likes, and message responses for you. Please use our contact form to request a custom quote.